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Location: The Boys & Girls Club field is located next to Inglewood Jr. High, 24120 NE 8th St, Sammamish.  This is on the corner of NE 8th Street and 244th Ave NE.  The entrance to the Inglewood Jr. High parking lot is off of NE 8th Street, just West of 244th Ave NE.  Parking will be available at Inglewood Jr. High.

Directions: Coming from 228th Ave you turn East onto Inglewood Hill Road/NE 8th Street (the Sammamish Highlands shopping center is located on this corner).  Continue East until the signal at the entrance to Inglewood Jr. High.  You will turn left at the light into the parking lot.

Map: Click Here

Road Rules: Please park 5" from the curb of radius of Driveway, 15' of fire hydrant, 20' of crosswalk, 30' of traffic control sign and do not park in the fire lane.  Police will be out in force ticketing car illegally parked in surrounding neighborhoods.